Mohr Piano 365 “Summer Program” 2022

6/13~7/29(except the week of 7/4~7/8)

All of the programs are 45 ~ 60 minute programs a day. We can discuss 45 or 60 minutes lessons. All programs are private lessons. We can coordinate the schedule to place the program between 6/13~7/29 (except 7/4~7/8).


  • “Let’s have fun with music” for beginners (Mon-Fri, 5 day program) : Learn the fundamentals of rhythm with percussion instruments, cup rhythm fun, and solfege (No previous piano lessons necessary)


  • “Let’s learn to play your favorite music” : Pop songs, Movie theme songs, Video game theme songs


  • Composition program I (Mon-Fri, 5 day program): Develop stories and create melodies, learn basic chords, composition and recording


  • Composition program II (Mon-Fri, 2 week program) : Develop stories and create melodies, and build your skills in improvisation, chord theory ensemble playing, composition and learn to write music with software, and record it


  • Classical music performance (Mon-Fri, 2 week program) : Choose a repertoire of your level, learn to play by memory, record it and perform for your family