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We could not have gotten a more genuine and inspirational piano teacher for our three children. Mrs. Mohr is hard-working and has a heart to see her students grow. She was able to individualize their lessons based on how each of our children learned best and what they were interested in. The student and teacher selected music together based on each one's interests and goals, so it was fun and rewarding. Lessons always scheduled to fit our busy family schedule. One of our children chose to strive for merit award recognition and with Mrs. Mohr's teachings, has successfully reached Level 9. We are grateful to Mrs. Mohr for giving our family the gift of beautiful music.

Paris Cohen

I have been growing up taking piano lessons with Mrs. Mohr since I was 7. She is very patient and always encouraged me to do my best. My piano playing and technique has improved a lot under her instruction. I am very grateful for the years of piano lessons, which led me to reach certificate 9 Level. I am looking forward to learning much more.

Audrey Cohen

With Mrs. Mohr's encouragement and engaging teaching style, my sons's love for piano has continued to grow over the past seven years of lessons.

Julie Daniels

Mrs. Mohr inspires me to do my best at every lesson. I've been able to reach my goals with the CAPMT and I plan to minor in music in college.

Kyle Daniels

We are so grateful to have our daughter studying piano with Mrs. Mohr. During lessons, she brings the perfect combination of kindness and patience along with clear standards that help our daughter refine her piano practice. Our daughter's musicality and technical skill have grown far beyond our expectations for her due to her guidance. Mrs. Mohr is always very intentional about the refinements she focuses on and has an incredible gift for picking solo pieces that excite and motivate our daughter. It's really incredible!

Roya Fohrer

I like having Mrs. Mohr as my teacher. She always picks pieces that I like and enjoy:) I realized that I have enjoyed every lesson!

Claire Fohrer

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