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Policies and Fees


Here are the polices. These policies would help to create the environment for students to make a steady progress. 

Starting the Lessons
You may sign up for lessons at any time. I will coordinate the schedule when you are signing up to start lessons. If there are no openings, you can list on a waiting list, if you would like.

Student Absence and Make-Up Lessons
In order to be considered for a courtesy make-up lesson, please send me an email, text or call me to let me know the absence at least 24-hours in advance before their scheduled lesson. In case of an unforeseen illness, accident or emergency, please contact me ASAP. I will try to reschedule a lesson based on the schedule of openings for the week. If I may not be able to offer a make-up lesson, I will credit a lesson to the following month. 
If I didn't receive an absence note at least 24-hours in advance, it as a lesson. 

Instructor Absences
If I won't be able to teach a lesson, I will give you a notice ASAP. I will offer a make-up lesson. If I won't be able to reschedule a lesson with your schedule, I will credit a lesson to the following month.

Be on time
Please be able to start on time. I won't be able to extend lesson for being late. Students arriving late by more than half of their lesson period will be considered absent.

Discontinuing Lessons

If you would like to discontinue lessons for any reasons, please give me one month notice. 

At the end of each month, I will go over the following month's schedule. Tuition for instruction is due in full at the first lesson of each month.The payment will confirm the lesson schedule of the month. If you have not made a prior arrangement with me about being late with the payment when we are setting the schedule, I won't guarantee the time slot.  If a student cancels the first lesson of the month without giving a 24-hour notice, tuition is still due in full on the scheduled first lesson of the month.
Material and books are separate fees. I accept payment via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, a check(payable to Toshiko Mohr).

When my teaching rate changes, I will let you know one month advance. 


Here are the COVID-19 Protocols for my in-person piano program based on orders from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and CDC. This is to ensure that all of my students, their family members and I are at the lowest possible risk from COVID.

Please note that this protocol is subject to change without notice based on recommendations and orders by local health officials and the CDC. 


I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19. I will show the proof of that upon your request.


For in person lessons:


  • I will host in-person lessons at my house with two instruments. I will circulate the air between each lesson and sanitize the keys and the piano stool.

  • All students and I are going to wear masks, and I will have sanitizer for students to use as they arrive for the lessons.  

  • For drop-off and pick-up, I will open the door at the lesson time and when the student finishes the lesson.


If a student, someone you know or, someone in your family has COVID Symptoms: 

  • Please notify me as soon as possible and we will reschedule or credit the lesson to the following month. If your child feels well enough to learn lessons remotely, I will teach him/her online lessons during the quarantine period.(Until the student will receive the negative result)​

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