2021 Online Summer Course

Between 6/21~7/22

Let's learn how to play piano in the summer

"New Students are welcome"

*Let’s play your favorite music ( pop song, movie theme and etc…)
*Learn the chords
*Make some rhythm
*Compose a music and write score using a software
*Let’s play a classical music from Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary period

I recommend the student to take chord and rhythm course prior to the composing course. Also it depends on the student’s level of understanding the cadences. So some students can take “Compose a music” course without taking “Chords” and “Rhythm” course. I can guide the proper way to start the course for each student. 
One weekly course is an hour a day Monday through Thursday. If I can coordinate to create a group lesson for the same level of students, that would be fun for them to be able to share some ideas and performances. A private weekly course is $160.00 per week per student. If I can create 2~3 students a group, that cost is $100.00.