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Instrumental                            Readiness 

Have fun with Music!

Is your child  enjoying listening to music and having fun singing songs? Are you thinking of signing up for instrumental lessons for your child? This is the perfect time to take Instrumental Readiness. Your child will have fun and learn the fundamentals of rhythm, notes, scales and music signs with music and singing songs. In addition, your child will learn the coordination of body, arms and fingers.They are going to develop great listening skills which is essential to the study of music. You child doesn't need any instruments at home to start this class. When your child finishes this class, they will be ready to take beginner piano lessons


Beginner Piano Lessons

Let's learn to play piano with your friends!

When your child is interested in learning to play piano for the first time, a group lesson could be the best choice. Instead of having one-on-one lessons with a teacher to start, your child can sign up to play piano with their friends or make friends at the lessons. This class will create a fun lesson environment and encourage your child to practice assignment music pieces during the week. Let's play together!

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